Owner relations

At Repsol, we work hard to meet the expectations of our royalty owners with transparency and integrity. We understand the deep personal investment each royalty owner has, and we consider it an honor to be chosen as your operating partner.

We are proud to be your operator

Repsol is proud to partner with royalty owners to supply the energy that powers our society. We work hard to provide a high level of customer service and transparent communication. This is our commitment to being a good neighbor and a responsible operator.

Here we provide information and resources to assist with any needs you may have related to your lease with Repsol. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our Good Neighbor Resolution Center at or 1-866-566-4747.

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If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Good Neighbor Resolution Center at 1-866-566-4747 or



Well Information

At Repsol, we believe that unconventional resource development can be done safely and in a responsible manner.

We conduct our operations in accordance with regulations and industry best practices. We also believe in being transparent; the link below will take you to a list of our U.S. wells by location, with information about the chemical classifications, volumes and concentrations used by our fracking contractors.

For more information about our unconventional shale wells in the U.S. please visit

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Good Neighbor Program

At Repsol, being a responsible operator and community partner is one of our top priorities. 

Eagle Ford Ownership Update

Access important information about the transfer of ownership in our Eagle Ford asset.

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Telephone: +1 866 566 4747 



Our vision for sustainability


Sustainability is an essential part of our forward-looking vision and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at Repsol