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  • We take great pride in our role of helping supply the world’s energy – an essential building block of progress. At the same time, we put great emphasis on managing the planet’s energy resources in a sustainable manner, so as to maximize the positive impacts of our activities and prevent, mitigate or minimize any potential negative impacts.
  • U.S. Sustainability Plan

    Our U.S. Sustainability Plan outlines the steps we are taking to ensure Repsol has a positive impact in the areas where we are.
  • Business Ethics

    At Repsol, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to how we do business.
  • Environment

    Repsol is strongly committed to protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity in the areas where we operate.
  • Safety

    To achieve our objective of zero accidents, we are committed to continuously strengthening our culture of safety.
  • Community Investment

    Our goal is to add value in the communities where we operate and improve the wellbeing of society through sustainable energy development.
  • Good Neighbor Program

    At Repsol, being a responsible partner in the community is one of our top priorities.

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Telephone:+1 866 566 4747 


Our vision for sustainability

Sustainability is an essential part of our forward-looking vision and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at Repsol