Learn in seven steps how we manage water in the Marcellus

Risk Analysis

We conduct risk analyses prior to choosing gas well locations to protect groundwater resources before, during and after drilling.

+ 600 wells in Pennsylvania


Working with regulators, we withdraw from streams and rivers for use in our operations only when water volumes are plentiful..

8 stream-based flow monitors

Predrill Sampling

We sample drinking water wells prior to drilling and gain a deep understanding of the water qualities and characteristics around our operations.

+ 2.700 predrill tests completed

Water Pipelines

Wherever possible, Repsol opts to construct fresh water pipelines, eliminating the need to truck fresh water

90 miles of water pipeline

Reduction of 225 truckloads per day

Fresh Water Use

Repsol drills, completes & operates wells with equipment and processes aimed at protecting water sources, preventing waste and reducing emissions.

Natural gas in Marcellus: dry and almost 100% methane


We recycle the majority of our produced water so it can be reused in natural gas well development.

Supporting Local Responders

We provide free access to our freshwater withdrawals for local fire departments, to help them have sufficient water for their important mission.

Repsol supports 8 volunteer fire departments