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Committed to communities

We maximize our positive impact on local communities by supporting projects in these areas:

Environment & Safety

Programs that contribute to the safety of the communities where we operate, the long-term health and biodiversity of local and regional ecosystems, including water and land conservation and stewardship efforts.

Education & Innovation

Initiatives aimed at developing a skilled workforce by supporting youth literacy programs and vocational training programs ranging from engineering, science, and technology to business, trade, and the arts, promoting and supporting STEM education.

Empowering Communities

Projects that create economic opportunities for local residents, cultural initiatives, and social issues focused on equality, poverty, healthy living, and women and children’s needs.

Discover some of our projects

Space Center Houston
Little Meadows Fire Station
Troy Sale Barn
Space Center Houston agreement

From under ground to outer space

Repsol and Space Center Houston work together to encourage STEM innovation through community science.
Fire station in Little Meadows

Promoting safety

Safety is a core value at Repsol, so we further promoted it by helping the Little Meadows Volunteer Fire Company and Rescue Squad remodel their fire station and fleet, enabling the firefighters to continue serving the community with larger and better equipped facilities.
Troy Sale Barn

History and community

This historic building in Troy Pennsylvania serves as a meeting point for the local communities through the sponsorship of public events. At Repsol, we are proud to have taken part in restoring this iconic building and be part of its committee.
  • Repsol Volunteering

    Outside of their day-to-day work, our employees dedicate their time and energy to creating a lasting effect on the communities where we live and work. Take a look at some of our Repsol volunteer activities below.

    • Repsol gives back
    • Repsol gives back
  • Repsol gives back
    • Space Center Houston spaceman
    • Space Center Houston student
  • Learn more about the global initiatives we carry out in our commitment to communities

Fundación Repsol Volunteering

Shared Values

We believe that the communities where we live and operate should benefit from our presence, working to create shared value and build alliances together.
Fundación Repsol Volunteering

Fundación Repsol Volunteering

Fundación Repsol promotes many kinds of volunteering activities and encourages the involvement of employees and people from the entire Repsol Group.