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Community Investment

Community Investment
We are committed to establish strong relationships with the communities we have dealings with in the areas where we operate. These relationships are based on mutual recognition and respect, trust, participatory dialogue, and ultimately, creating shared value.
A model of an astronaut and a satellite

Space Center Houston agreement

Along with Space Center Houston we promote innovation and support STEM education through learning programs that empower our future leaders to work for a sustainable future.

The agreement will support educational programs at Space Center Houston, including Sensory Friendly Events and Explorer Camps, to teach students about STEM through interactive learning experiences and to drive curiosity in the next generation of explorers

Houston Robotics Competition

Houston Robotics Competition

The Repsol Engineering Design Competition, at the annual SCI://TECH Science Fair, features teams of students in Houston who design, build, program and operate their own robots.
Repsol Grant Brings Robotics to School

Repsol Grant Brings Robotics to School

Students in the Southern Tioga School District learned coding to control small robots, thanks to a STEM grant from Repsol’s Marcellus Business Unit.

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Shared Values

Shared Values

We believe the communities where we live and operate should benefit from our presence, working to generate shared value and creating alliance together.
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Our vision for sustainability

Sustainability is an essential part of our forward-looking vision and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at Repsol